Sensual Harassment – “Daddy Long Legs”

Sensual Harassment

It’s kind of blowing my mind how many great bands are coming out of the Brooklyn area these days.  At least 80% of the songs that are submitted to this blog are mediocre, but every once in a while, something really stands out.  That being said, Sensual Harassment presented me with their new single “Fever” to post today, which was amazing, but I chose to post their equally amazing track “Daddy Long Legs,” which came out a few months back.  These guys kind of have it figured out.  Release a couple of singles, see what catches, and then release a record when the time comes.   Their bio describes “Daddy Long Legs” as “combining grimy Moroder arpeggiators with the the throbbing funk and aggression of Afrika Bambaataa” and they couldn’t be more spot on.  There’s something about this song, whether it’s the Justice-esque keyboard parts, or the straight up dance party vibe this song has, these guys are a a band to keep an eye on this year.

RIYL: Wolf Gang, G.L.O.V.E.S.

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