MNDR – “I Go Away”


Amanda Warner has more talent in her pinkie than you have in your entire body.  I can guarantee this.  Not only does she know how to write a great pop song, but she will school all you gear junkies out there beyond comprehension.  She’s spent some time in the Bay Area doing her own MNDR stuff (pronounced “man-dar”), as well as stuff with the band tRIANGLE, and has since been calling San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York home. We almost recruited her a couple of years back to assist in our live Restiform Bodies shows, but it didn’t pan out.  I will say it right now, if there’s one person who you’re going to hear a LOT more about this year, it’s going to be her, starting with her appearance on the new Mark Ronson trackBang Bang Bang” with Q-Tip, which has been getting a lot of airplay lately. Her new EP E.P.E. is only $3.99 on iTunes.  You should buy it.

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