Bikini – “(((()))) / Diamond’s Departure “

(via the India Trading Company site):
Bikini is an electronic collective from British Columbia, now rooted in New York City. In the wake of their 2010 EP RIPJDS, band members converged from four points of the continent to write and direct their first music video, prep their live show and tour it in select cities. The year culminated with an unforgettable night at the Austin Museum of Art at SXSW, which ended a year of logistical pangs with a old fashioned band brawl. With a renewed focus, Bikini’s Aaron Aujla and Kieran Magzul are in the midst of finalizing their next LP.  The new album has been built between Aujla’s New York City studio and the forests of northern British Columbia where Magzul summers as a tree planter.

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