The Nuns – “Anita”

I’ll be honest, The Nuns pretty much suck.  This album artwork sucks, and every song on this album (2006’s New York Vampires) sucks, except for this particular track, “Anita.” They even have a cover of Kiss‘s “Christine” on here, and that sucks too.  These guys used to be a pretty raw San Francisco-based punk/new wave band back in the ’70s.  They even opened for the Sex Pistols.  This particular record is weird ethereal goth rock, with the exception of this particular song, which doesn’t really fit on the record.  “Anita” sounds like it could be an extra dark Suzanne Vega track.  Although I can’t stand the rest of this record, I really do love this song.

Hamburger Eyes: The Documentary

Director Aaron Rose recently partnered with Mailchimp to present this short documentary on the wonderfully gritty SF photography zine Hamburger Eyes. Watch the trailer above

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