Chandra’s Post-Punk Journey Through ‘Concentration’ and Beyond

Chandra’s post-punk journey into the music world is pretty incredible, especially considering she was only a 12-year-old kid from Brooklyn when she jumped into the NYC post-punk scene. Her dad, Dennis Oppenheim, was a conceptual artist who mingled with all sorts of creatives on the Lower East Side. So, Chandra grew up surrounded by artists and musicians, which definitely made an impression on her early on. She was writing songs by the time she was nine and, encouraged by her dad, she didn’t just stick to singing at home but actually performed at his parties.

The creation of “Concentration” and other tracks came about when Chandra teamed up with Eugenie Diserio and Steven Alexander from the Model Citizens and drummer Fred Maher from Bill Laswell’s Material. These talented musicians were already creating a bit of a buzz in NYC’s post-punk circuit, and after meeting Chandra, they decided to form a band. This serendipitous collaboration gave birth to the “Transportation” EP, featuring the catchy “Concentration” track from the video above, among others. This debut EP is a mix of dissonant disco, heavy dance grooves, and Chandra’s unique vocal style that’s more like chant-singing.

And then there’s “Kate,” another gem from Chandra that showcases her unique approach to music and lyrics. Just like “Concentration,” “Kate” is a reflection of Chandra’s youthful yet sophisticated take on post-punk, infusing her music with an authenticity and freshness that’s hard to find.

When this music was created, Chandra was wise beyond her years. An old soul in a teenage body. Her story is a testament to how the right mix of influence, encouragement, and raw talent can lead to remarkable, completely authentic outcomes.

For a deeper dive into Chandra’s music, check out her Bandcamp page where you can listen to “Concentration” and explore more of her work.

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