Rediscover Gaming’s Pioneering Era: ‘The Power of Glove’ Documentary Explores Nintendo’s 1989 Sensation

I remember when Nintendo’s Power Glove was released. It was 1989. I was 10 or 11 years old. I never had my own, but I definitely had some neighborhood friends who did, and they had the NES Power Pad as well, so going to their houses was extra exciting. Not only could you play games with your feet, but you could control things with a glove. It sounds insanely simplistic these days, but back then it was some cutting-edge shit.

The Power of Glove is a documentary by Andrew Austin and Adam Ward that came out in 2017 all about the phenomenon and how it took video game fans by storm. It’s only 65 minutes long, and you can rent it for only a few dollars on Amazon.

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