Telephone Jim Jesus Releases a Slew of New Music

It’s been about 14 years since the world has heard new solo music from Telephone Jim Jesus. He did manage to poke his head above ground on Pedestrian’s “Resurrecting Morning” (from 2019’s unIndian II), but aside from that, he’s been mostly quiet. That’s not to say he hasn’t been busy. He’s always been quite prolific, he just keeps a lot of it to himself, for the most part.

Throughout most of 2020, while many people were cooped up in their homes, Jim Jesus explored, spending most of his time climbing many of the mountains around his current home state of Washington. On his breaks from that, he’d work on music, and near the end of last year, he quietly started putting up songs on his Bandcamp page until he had a good amount of them to share with people.

There are about 17 tracks up there that hadn’t been released until now. Some new, some old, but all distinctly Telephone Jim Jesus.

In addition to the standout track “Thundercat Morning” posted above, check out this new 4 song EP The Sound of Gravity below, or just go to his Bandcamp page and explore.

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