A Fleeting Tweet Brings Illogic and Odd Nosdam Back Together After 23 Years

It’s been 23 years since Odd Nosdam and Illogic have worked together. That was back in 1998 after meeting in Cincinnati via mutual friend Doseone.

According to Nosdam, “Illogic used to kick it at Dose’s apartment in Cincinnati where folks like myself, Yoni (WHY?), Illogic, Mr. Dibbs, FIVE (graph writer), Jel and some other local cats would get together and talk shit, listen to underground hip hop tapes, eat pizza, work on music, etc.”.

Not long after, Illogic appeared on Nosdam, Doseone and Yoni Wolf’s highly praised debut cLOUDDEAD LP. (Check out “Apt A (1)”.

Then, not long ago, a random tweet by @RyanGilda422 brought the two of them back together. The tweet suggested they work with each other again, and the two both agreed that would be a great idea.

Cut to today… they’ve just released a short and sweet 5 song EP called Right the Ship, which clocks in at a mere 14 minutes (with RyanGilda422 getting an honorary Executive Producer credit). It’s just long enough to count as an EP, and it’s just short enough to leave you wanting more. They haven’t officially discussed working on a full length as of yet, but who knows?…maybe we’ll see something. Regardless, both are quite prolific, and have a handful of projects in the works, respectively.

Right the Ship features multi-instrumentalist/studio wiz/all-around great guy Mike Walti helping out on bass and cuts on a couple of tracks.

You can purchase the EP (on Bandcamp Friday, nonetheless) via the artist Bandcamp page of your choice:

Odd Nosdam Bandcamp

Illogic Bandcamp

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