Sam Ulano – “Three Little Bears”

Sam Ulano

Busy day. Enjoy this telling of the “Three Little Bears” by Sam Ulano (also known as Mr. Rhythm). He’s recorded with Moondog and played drums one night for Public Image Ltd. He tells the whole story WHILE he’s playing the drums, and does both very well.


MRR-ADM – “9ine”

Some brand new stuff from MRR-ADM (Michael Raymond Russell & Adam Douglas Manella). A mysterious new 12-track “promo” release called Archive recently popped up, supposedly a

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Hangedup – “Klang Klang”

Clatter For Control by Hangedup Hangedup is/was a two-piece band from Montreal consisting of Genevieve Heistek of Sackville on viola, and Eric Craven (now of Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra

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