Omid – “Bustmustjustus (feat. Ellay Khule, 2Mex & Wreccless)”

I’ve been revisiting some older Project Blowed-related music lately, and I decided to check out this old Beneath the Surface comp that Celestial Recordings put out back in ’98-’99.  This record was a very important part of my long drives to and from the record store I worked at, and I grew to know this record like the back of my hand.  LA producer Omid rounded up all the talented MCs in the area for this impressive comp.  It featured most of the members of Freestyle Fellowship, Circus, Awol One, Adlib (now known as Thavius Beck), Radioinactive, CVE…the list goes on.  This record is out there, and I love it.

2Mex Health Issues

Please go show 2Mex some love. The OMD/Visionaries rapper has been dealing with some pretty serious kidney and heart issues since early December. He has

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The Nonce – “Mix Tapes”

Classic track from LA hip hop group The Nonce‘s 1995 release World Ultimate, which featured guest appearances from Aceyalone, Figures of Speech, and more.  These

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