Awkward Brings New Life to Forgotten Freestyle Fellowship Tunes with 3-Track EP

freestyle fellowship

Until recently, we all believed we had heard all Freestyle Fellowship tracks from the late 90s. Last week, a 3-track EP was released digitally, featuring two previously unreleased songs and one bonus remix. UK producer Awkward produced all three tracks.

The original tracks were produced by Sach from The Nonce, but the DATS were lost during a move years ago. Self Jupiter, familiar with Awkward‘s work with Open Mike Eagle and Acid Reign, as well as the remixes he did for Jupiter and Kenny Segal‘s Kleenerz project, and having collaborated with Awkward on Gel Roc‘s Grandeur album, which also featured Myka 9, thought he was the perfect person to breathe new life into these lost tracks.

Receiving just the acapellas, and having never heard the original beats, Awkward had to work out the placement and tempo by studying the vocals and immersing himself in lots of repeated listening to get the feel for where the vocals landed. It took a lot of work and some editing to get it right, but the Fellowship was happy with the results and gave him the go-ahead.

The release is out via Invisible College, Self Jupiter‘s digital imprint, distributed by Daddy Kev‘s Alpha Pup label. Awkward handled the mixing, mastering, and artwork, and is currently working on something for the imprint as I write this.

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