Mwahaha – “Soap Bopper”

Oakland’s Mwahaha (fka Ned) is a band. A product of the generation of missing identities. The attention deficit generation. Why be stuck with one instrument? Why be pinned on one genre? Mwahaha decides to not decide. Which brings us to the tricky part; how does Mwahaha keep from becoming one big audible disaster? Who knows, but they have managed to create a sound that is completely their own, and even trickier, they’ve made it listenable.

“Soap Bopper” was recently released as a 7″ single, which can be purchased directly through them at their myspace page. Mwahaha has shared the stage with acts like Subtle, The Locust, Xiu Xiu, Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, Odd Nosdam, and more. They are currently working on a new record, which will be nothing short of amazing.




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