Milk – “Get Off My Log”

This one is a bit of a blast from the past for me, which I revisited recently. I used to listen to this tape back when I had to drive 45 minutes to work at a record store in a shitty little car that had no radio, no stereo, no anything. I had a little D Battery-operated boom box that I would keep on the passenger seat next to me, and I would listen to tapes to keep me company on the long drive to work. I special ordered this tape after hearing the collaboration that Milk did with Mike D called “Spam,” and instantly fell in love with the record. For those who don’t know, Milk (or Milk D) was the primary member of the legendary hip-hop group Audio Two. For this record, he collaborated with Mike D and Mario C of the Beastie Boys, and the record has an overall Beastie feel, come to think of it. Looks like vinyl copies of this EP go for over $100 these days. It’s not available digitally, but you can get it on CD over at Amazon

Money Mark – “Cry”

Another old classic. Money Mark has acted as the Beastie Boys‘ on-and-off keyboard player over the years, as well as an established solo artist of his own. This

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The Slew – “It’s All Over”

The Slew is Kid Koala, Dynomite D, and members of Wolfmother. You’ll find lots of heavy beats and heavy guitars all over this thing, and it was mixed by Beastie Boys collaborator Mario

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