MC 900 Ft. Jesus – “If I Only Had A Brain”

This was a bit of a cult hit when it was released back in 1994. It even had a music video which was directed by a very young Spike Jonze before everyone and their mothers were banging down his door to put visuals to their music. MC 900 ft. Jesus (Mark Griffin) got his name from evangelist Oral Roberts, who had claimed he had a vision of a 900 ft. Jesus that commanded him to build a hospital on the campus of Oral Roberts University. Mark only released 3 official studio albums (2 for Nettwerk, and 1 for Rick Rubin’s American Recordings, which this song appears on). While the song is pretty silly, it’s a song I’ve always listened to here and there, just for the nostalgia. Not sure how many of you will even remember this song, but I had to share it.

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