Marzio Dance – “Rap-O-Hush”

As far as I’m concerned, this is a novelty record, but it was also a minor Italo Disco hit back in 1983. Essentially, it’s a disco version of Deep Purple‘s “Hush” but with raps done by a 30-something white guy. It makes for an interesting listen.

G.A.N.G. – “Incantations”

Incantations [BST-X056] by G.A.N.G.(GANG) An early 80’s Italo disco “cover” of Mike Oldfield‘s “Foreign Affair.” Much more upbeat and a bit more dance-able. I’ve already

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Radar – “China Darling”

Obscure Italo-disco style track from 1983 courtesy of Canada’s Radar. Unfortunately, I don’t have any additional info about them. If you know anything about them,

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