Kartoon Crew – “Inspector Gadget”

Many years ago, when I still lived in NH, I made a routine trip to the dump to get rid of the family trash. When I pulled in, I saw a stack of records near the incinerator.  After throwing our garbage in, I decided to start looking through the vinyl that was there waiting to be melted down to nothing.  I didn’t expect much, considering that the top record was a Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam LP, but as I dug deeper, my eyes widened, as I noticed what this stack had hidden inside it.  A perfect quality copy of the Beastie BoysLicensed to Ill, not one but TWO copies of the Beasties’ “She’s Crafty” 12″, all the old Run DMC records, Kurtis Blow, Grandmaster Flash, Newcleus, LL Cool J’s “I Need A Beat,” the list goes on.  Truly the single best LP find in the history of my record collecting.  Among these records were some lesser-known 12″s like Timex Social Club‘s “Rumors” and this particular kitschy song from The Kartoon Krew titled “Inspector Gadget” which, without shame, steals the catchy theme to the 80’s cartoon of the same name.  As corny as it is with all the Inspector Gadget vocal snippets, the beat is still pretty hard, and I’ve held onto this piece of vinyl to this day.

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