Bats – “Vermithremix (Passage Re-Song)”

Brand new Passage remix/re-do/re-song of Dublin, Ireland’s Bats.  I’ll let the man himself describe this one:

“Incidentally and very luckily for me, Bats asked me to do a remix of their song, “Vermithrax” in Spring 2009 and they didn’t get the damn thing until spring of 2010. I say luckily for me because this remix, that I could NOT figure out what to do with, quickly turned into one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever done (once I started it of course) I used a handful of samples from Bats’ original instrument tracks, got their lyrics, re-tooled them and more or less made a topically agreeing sister song out of the remix project. It’s a re-song, and though it may have taken me forever I’m ridiculously happy it materialized.

Formed in 2006 by complex molecules, BATS have been dispersing their audio seed throughout Ireland and the rest of Europe with fervent vigour. Their debut E.P ‘Cruel Sea Scientist’ was released in late 2007 to much critical acclaim, and soon after the leatherwings were signed to independent label The Richter Collective. Their blend of visceral but catchy post-punk/hardcore/metal and scientific musings has attracted a wide spectrum of fans that continues to grow steadily.

Much of 2008 was spent writing new material and performing live with such heavyweights as These Arms Are Snakes, The Locust, Liars, Sebadoh, Chrome Hoof and Gang Gang Dance. In March 2009 these dynamic mammals crossed the Atlantic to record their debut full-length, ‘Red in Tooth & Claw’, with Kurt Ballou (Converge) in Godcity Studios, located in the icy heart of Salem, Massachusetts.”

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