Art Fact – “Building”

Art Fact

Very little is known about Sweden’s Art Fact other than that they made Depeche Mode-influenced synth-pop in the mid-’80s.  I recently discovered this song on this awesome compilation that the Crispy Nuggets blog put together.  You can find most of Art Fact’s released music downloadable for FREE over on  I was able to dig up a little information regarding what these guys are doing now though, and it’s pretty impressive.  Mans Jonasson and Anders Ljung (pictured above) have gone on to start a group called Moon Palace, which I’ll be posting about next week.  More on that later…

Low Factor – “Icicle”

Really digging this new video from Montreal’s Low Factor. She has a new record coming out on called Leçon du tonnerre: Comment créer un

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