Tyler The Creator – “Yonkers” Video

Odd Future continues to take over the world with this brand new video from Tyler The Creator. Tyler just signed a one-album deal with XL Recordings for his new record Goblin. He’ll regain 100% creative control over the project, which is essential for an artist like Tyler, who eats cockroaches and hangs himself in his videos. Not for everyone, but I love this stuff, and I love that these guys are getting so popular.

Jai Paul – “BTSTU”

Jai Paul is a 21-year-old from London.  This demo version of “BTSTU” consists of heavily-layered synths and drums, and as of now is the only

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Discovery – “Swing Tree”

LP (Deluxe Edition) by Discovery I’m not going to lie, I’m really enjoying this record. Discovery consists of one guy from Vampire Weekend (again, I’m not going to lie,

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