“The House From…” Documentary Offers A Peek Into the Lives of Those Living in Iconic Homes

There are countless iconic homes that have graced our screens in film and television. These buildings often only exist in exterior shots, leaving us to wonder what they look like on the inside. You know the ones – the Full House house, the Goonies house, the Home Alone house, or perhaps the one from “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” (which, by the way, I discovered is only a few miles away from my current home, and of course, I’ve stopped and snapped a picture). The list of memorable homes goes on and on.

Enter director Tommy Avallone, who is currently working on a full-length documentary entitled “The House From…” The film delves into the lives of the people who actually live in these famous homes and explores what that experience is like.

Tommy has been on a roll lately, and this project is sure to continue his winning streak. He has previously directed the excellent The Bill Murray Stories, which highlights people’s strange interactions with the beloved actor, as well as I Love You, You Hate Me, a fascinating documentary about the infamous children’s character Barney.

While an official release date for “The House From…” has yet to be announced, the film has been fully funded on Kickstarter and is currently in the tedious editing phase. Keep an eye out for updates on the Double Windsor Films website or Tommy’s Instagram.

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