Synthpop Sorcery: Yellow Magic Orchestra’s 1980 TV Performance is Pure Gold

I could watch early Yellow Magic Orchestra videos all day. This live performance of “Technopolis” and “Rydeen” aired on Japan’s late-night music program “Yoru no Hit Studio” in June of 1980.

They seemingly don’t have a care in the world. It’s like they knew they were about to inspire a whole slew of future synthpop bands and were totally cool with it. Absolute legends.

The studio versions of both of these songs can be found on their classic Solid State Survivor record.

Unfortunately, as of this writing in 2024, only one member, bassist/keyboardist Haruomi Hosono is the only living member of the original trio. Ryuichi Sakamoto and drummer Yukihiro Takahashi both passed away in 2023.

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