Rodriguez – “Sugar Man”

I wanted to post something different from this record, because “Sugar Man” is definitely the most blogged and talked about track of his, but it’s really a great introduction to his music. Cold Fact was originally released in 1970, to very little acclaim. The label he was on folded, and after not gaining a whole lot of commercial success, he decided to give up music. Years later, in 2002, DJ David Holmes featured “Sugar Man” on his DJ Mix Come Get It I Got It and interest in Rodriguez’s music was renewed. Since then, his record Cold Fact had become a highly sought-after piece of vinyl. Low-quality represses were made here and there, and word kept getting around. Then, at the end of last year, Light in the Attic decided to give it an official, proper re-release, and people have been going crazy over it. Some people consider Rodriguez Detroit’s answer to Bob Dylan. His songs are political, emotional, poetic, and just straight-up catchy. From start to finish, Cold Fact is an amazing album that needs to be heard by the masses.

Jim Sullivan – “Highways”

From Jim Sullivan‘s “lost psych masterpiece” UFO, which was recently reissued by the always-impressive Light In The Attic label (home to Rodriguez, The Monks, Kris

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