Preview The New Mr. Oizo / Marilyn Manson Short Film “Wrong Cops”

I always get excited about new film projects from Mr. Oizo, who in his directorial persona is known by his birth name Quentin Dupieux. He’s done the awesomely weird films Steak, Rubber and has a new feature-length coming out this year entitled WrongI’m guessing the 13-minute collaboration with Marilyn Manson titled Wrong Cops has some sort of tie-in with the full length, but I don’t know for sure. The full short debuts at on May 24, but you can watch a teaser from it right here:

(thanks to Eli for the tip)

Freeland – “Do You”

Adam Freeland records his solo music under his birth name. He records his “band” stuff as a 3-piece. “Cope” is the band’s most recent release on

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