Penguin Prison – “A Funny Thing”

This song has been bouncing around in my head for the past couple of days. Aside from remixing Marina & The Diamonds, and strategically leaking some of his songs onto the internet for people to buzz about, Penguin Prison doesn’t really have too much material out there, but what he does have out there is pretty impressive. I’m going to assume that he’s also somehow down with Girl Talk, as he has Girl Talk and Girl Talk‘s super homies Hearts of Darknesses and Bad Brilliance all in his top MySpace friends. Not sure what that means exactly, but he’s cool in my book. He’s got a new record coming out soon, I believe, but for now, you can purchase his Animal Animal single below.

White Williams – “Headlines”

Smoke by White Williams From 2007’s Smoke, released by Kid606‘s label Tigerbeat6. White Williams (Joe Williams) has done shows with Nine Inch Nails, Girl Talk, Lightning Bolt and The Rapture. Mostly poppy, sometimes on the

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