Joseph Bryce – “Rattler”

Joseph Bryce (formerly known as Clovis Heald), returns with this brand new track “Rattler“, from his upcoming release on Lakebed Recordings. This stuff is a vast departure from his earlier stuff as Clovis Heald, and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it. You can download a FREE ep of his here. He and I did a split 7″ that was supposed to come out on Anticon, but was eventually scrapped. You can purchase the digital version of that split 7″ for only TWO DOLLARS here

Yalls – “Germs”

Yalls by Yalls Yalls is a lo-fi underwater funk project from Oakland’s Dan Casey. His impressive 4-song EP Rerepeater came out earlier this year. You can

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DAKOTA – “Fanning”

There’s not much information floating around about DAKOTA, and the name itself makes it hard to do searches for (I’m sure this song as well

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Tapes – “C20 Riddim”

Hissing Theatricals (re-issue) by Tapes Some lo-fi 8-bit grit from London’s Tapes. Nasty instrumental, dancehall-inflicted Atari-esque dub from the appropriately-named Jahtari label. The tracks from

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