Gold Zebra – “Back In the Dust”

Gold Zebra

Gold Zebra is a duo from Montreal. They released their debut EP, appropriately titled DebutEP in August of last year. Their music is like slowed-down disco meets dark synthpop, and I love it. You can get their 6-song EP for only THREE dollars direct from them via Bandcamp, or you can buy a limited edition (50 copies) cassette for only $5. That’s a steal, considering the cassette comes with a free digital download card.

Mwahaha – “Sundown”

Just like this blog right here…Bay Area band Mwahaha has been fairly quiet for some time. In addition to focusing on some other projects (vocalist

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Low Factor – “Icicle”

Really digging this new video from Montreal’s Low Factor. She has a new record coming out on called Leçon du tonnerre: Comment créer un

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