Bot’ox – “Drive By Shooting”

Some more great electronic music from France. It seems that France has this genre by the balls at this point. I’ve heard so much great music come out of all parts of France. I’ve yet to be disappointed. “Drive By Shooting” is a 6-minute track that just rides. Wait until around 1:30 for it to start getting good and synthy. These guys have released stuff on DFA, Marketing Records, and most frequently the label I’m A Cliche. They have a bunch of singles/eps for you to buy/stream on iTunes. Go check it out.

YACHT – “Dystopia”

Shangri-La by YACHT Newish single from the upcoming YACHT record Shangri-la (out next month on DFA). I’ve really been enjoying this track lately, and after

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Edmond LePrince – “Tout”

Edmond Leprince runs a really great electronic music label in France called Ego Twister. He’s put out a couple of great compilations called Party Ruiners (with very impressive packaging,

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