Bob Log III – “Log Bomb”

A real one-man-band from Tuscon, AZ. Bob Log III toured with his band Doo Rag back in the ’90s. They recorded lots of noisy blues punk 7″s that I collected like a madman at the time and even tried to write about in my “zine” that I attempted to start up in high school, to no avail. He’s since gone solo and now does EVERYTHING by himself. In addition to playing the guitar, he plays the drums with his feet and sings through a telephone that is affixed to his cannonball man helmet. He’s known for many weird stage antics, including making “Boob Scotch” (also one of his song titles), which is simply scotch that he gets an audience member to dip her bare boob in. This track is from his 2003 album (also called “Log Bomb”). He has a new record out now called “My Shit Is Perfect”. Check it out if you’re into this. Also, if you want to see him in action, head over here.

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