Bomarr / Clovis Heald – Split 7″


Shameless self-promotion time. Figured I’d try to get the word out about this. This split between myself and Clovis Heald was supposed to come out as a part of Anticon’s 7″ vinyl series. It has since been shelved, so I’ve decided to make it available for purchase (only $2.00 for the 2 tracks). My song, “Badload” can be found in a video I did with filmmaker Emily Marchand here. Clovis Heald’s song, “Lawnchair”, can be found in a video I created for him here. You can stream or purchase both tracks here. I hope you like them. They’re old, but people seem to enjoy them, and I wanted to give them some sort of a proper release, instead of having them collect digital dust on my hard drive forever. I’d love some feedback, and I’d love it if you can somehow help us out and support “the artists” if you enjoy what you hear. Normal posts will resume tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who’s paying attention.

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