Background Noise, Volume 120: Dustin Myers

Dustin Myers Background Noise

A Southern California native, Dustin Myers has devoted his life to pursuing his love of painting. Growing up in a family-owned auto body shop, he developed a deep appreciation for colors and paints.

Inspired by artists like Mark Ryden and Robert Williams, Myers creates hyper-realistic oil paintings featuring eccentric characters. The paintings often look like yearbook portraits that celebrate the oddball kids from high school. Myers exaggerates key features, both good and bad, like a caricature artist.

As a full-time teacher, Myers sees many awkward moments in his students’ lives that help define who they are and how they develop. He enjoys painting misfits who can step out of the shadows and be in the spotlight.

First album you bought?
Green Day – Dookie

Last album you bought?
I haven’t bought an album in forever. I am spoiled from streaming. 

First concert?
First concert was The Beach Boys with my brother.

Last concert?
Last concert was Third Eye Blind at the Greek Theatre.

Was there one album that made a significant impression on you?
Postal Service – Give Up

Who is your musical hero?
Musical hero is Greg Graffin from Bad Religion.

How important is music to your creative process?
I always have music on. It’s important for the music I choose to match my state of mind and what I’m doing. I can’t work in silence. 

BONUS: What is your favorite album cover of all time (and why)?
Favorite album cover of all time has to be the Mark Ryden version of Tyler the Creator’s Wolf

Luca, Nokyo – Be Alive
The Midnight – Jason
STRFKR – Atlantis
Goth Babe – Moments / Tides
Goth Babe – Imaginationcy
Goth Babe – I Wanna Help Your Mind
Miami Nights 1984 – New Tomorrow 
Com Truise – Flightwave
Avicii – The Nights
Craig Cardiff – Dirty Old Town
Tycho – Awake
Lord Huron – The Night We Met
Bahamas – Half Your Love
Millionyoung – Hammock
Night Moves – Carl Sagan

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