Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vol 10.5 by Matt Valerio

Ok, Volume 10 was ALMOST the last volume in the series. 

Consider this your Christmas bonus. Another 59 minutes of craziness from wacky Uncle Bomarr.


(Cover art by the talented Dan Dasho)

1. Hot Tracks 7 (Christmas Rap)
2. Augie Rios - Donde Esta Santa Claus
3. Sager Bager Sha - SBS Xmas
4. The Vacant Lots - No More Christmas Blues
5. Lynn Schreiber Xmas Mission
6. Kick & Snare - Twas xMas Remix (Art Carney)
7. Katy Anne - Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree
8. The Soul Saints Orchestra - Santa’s Got A Bag of Soul
9. Trigger 5 - X-Mas With My Exes
10. Weird Paul - Grinch Party (excerpt)
11. The Barefoot Dancer - Christmas on the Dole
12. Christine Price - Do They Know It’s Christmas?
13. Cleaners From Venus - Glammy Little Christmas
14. Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg - No One Wants A Pizza On Xmas Day
15. Phil the Tremoloking - Christmas Day
16. AJAY - Jingle Bells (Remix)
17. Cherrie - Jingle Bell Rock
18. Tele Novella - Purple Snowflakes
19. Sloover - Holy Crap It’s Christmas
20. Josh Augustin - Lol
21. Quarrel - Dancing Round the Tree
22. FullOn - Aloishis For Xmas
23. Cabello - All I Want For Xmas Is U
24. John Royston-Ford - Little Drummer Boy
25. Feather fin - When the Snow Was Whiter
26. Evil Twin - Merry Fucking Xmas
27. Maxo - O Holy Night

Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vols 1-10 by Matt Bomarr


I've been doing these mixes for a decade now....how crazy is that? It's been a lot of very long hours going through the best of the best, and the worst of the worst holiday music out there. I'm going to miss it, but I feel like it's run its course. You can always come back here if you ever need over 10 hours of the weirdest Xmas music out there. So, without further ado, I present to you, Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vol. 10....a solid 79 minutes of madness, and definitely not safe for your sensitive parents. 

Thanks to Fat Kid Beny for the awesome cover art. 

Download Volume 10 here

1. Soltanjazz - Have Yourself a Merry Little Xmas
2. The Horrorist - A Little Cheer
3. What Inappropriate Items Do You Hang On Your Xmas Tree?
4. The Kingstonians - Merry Christmas
5. DWIKY - Winter Wonderland
6. The Bionic I - Disco Claus
7. Isaac - Happy Xmas
8. Screwed McDuck - A Very Purple Xmas
9. Golden Bloom - Wonderful Xmas Time
10. Hot Dad - A Taco Bell Christmas
11. Toggle Beats - Sugar Plums
12. Aaron Fever - Last Christmas
13. Sled - Xmas Spirit
14. The Flirtations - Christmas Time Is Here Again
15. Uncle Anus - Merry Fucking Christmas Ya Filthy Animals
16. Hop Hop - Christmas In Hollis
17. Tyrone Warner - Sleigh Bells Ring
18. Quintron & Miss Pussycat - Jingle Bell Rock
19. The Knights Who Rode Anthony - It’s Christmas Time But My Eyes Are Fucked Up
20. Marcus Hawkins - Santa Is A Thug
21. WHYTE aka TOMO DNA - Xmas
22. Timi Terrific and the Redheads - Black (Soul) Christmas
23. Massik! - Chrishmash Megamixsh
24. Joe Shinall - Sock It To ‘em Santa
25. $1.99 Buffet Band - Fly Santa Fly (excerpt)
26. Operation Mission - Silver Bells
27. Scruffamudda - Ho, Ho, Ho!
28. The Residents - Santa Dog
29. Sy Mann with Jean-Jacques Perrey - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
30. Vicky Pezza - TESD Xmas Rap
31. Jimmy Jules & the Nuclear Soul System - Xmas Done Got Funky
32. BAT - All I Want For Xmas
33. Franco Danger - O Christmas Tree
34. Mark Castle - Sad Xmas
35. The Gifts Women Say Are The Worst To Get At Xmas
36. Christmas Aphasia - Zach Malm, James Pants & Bomarr


Volume 9 is here! Another 60+ minutes of Xmas insanity. I swear these mixes get weirder and weirder every year.

Featuring great songs from Sofia Reta, Giant Drag, Sleigher, The Mothmen, Florian Filsinger and about 40 other artists I found after hours and hours of digging deep.

Congrats to Florian Filsinger for winning this year's cover art contest!

Download Volume 9 right here(right click, save-as)

1. I'll Be Home For Christmas Acapella - JR "JayWarbler" Manalang
2. Carol of the Bells (BEEMO Bootleg) - Midwest Collective / Pentatonix
3. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - Sofia Reta
4. Xmas Carol - Summerhill Studdio
5. Deck the Halls - Krism
6. Christ Lastmas - Florian Filsinger
7. Christmas Flowers - Richard McGrath
8. Jingle Bells - Basement Classics
9. One Christmas Catalogue - Zach Malm
10. Silent Night - Future 8
11. Do You Hear What I Hear? - Blusom
12. Aly's Message to Pap / Ben's Message to Pap - Mike Taylor 98
13. Blue Christmas - The Mothmen
14. Hallmark Channel Christmas [NES Edition] - dot.darkness
15. Wish Me A Merry Christmas - Portraits
16. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Sleigher
17. Xmas Tree Murder - Majjam
18. Xmas Rap - Wayne Bartelink
19. Happy Xmas Jesus - Forces' Sweetheart
20. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - Doc Heller
21. Christmas On Uranus - Jeff Mallon
22. Sung By the Fire - Swayz
23. Xmas 2011 Freestyle - Jayfog2010
24. Frosty Th' Snowmon - Scuzz
25. All I Want For Xmas Is My 2 Front Teeth - Dash Flanagan
26. Kids' Xmas Ideas
27. Merry Xmas To Ya Mom - The John Bruton Experience
28. Peanut Xmas - Wardini
29. Merry Xmas - Microsoft Phones Design
30. Exo 10 Sitars Xmas - SamusDroid
31. Simply Having Xmas Remix - Wet Peach
32. Merry Freestyle - Lost Society
33. Xmas Greeting - Kelly's Homes
34. Oh Xmas Tree - Dave and Victoria
35. Felix Navidad - Zebu!
36. It's No Christmas Without You Dear - Giant Drag
37. Jose's Xmas - Mariana Garcia Serrato
38. Black Xmas11 - G_Tella
39. Christmas Christmas - Wayne and Liz
40. Jingle Bell Rock (Blitz 'Xmas G Trap' Remix) - Blitz
41. What Is Xmas? - Mikey Clapis




Wild Xmas With Bomarr, Vol. 8 has arrived! If you're familiar with that past 7 volumes, you'll know that this isn't your mom's Xmas music. This is music for people who don't like Xmas music. Yet another hour of some of the weirdest, funniest and most surreal Xmas music you'll hear all year. Featuring Dana Dane, R. Stevie Moore, Adhesiveslipper, Canned Hamm, and many many more. 

DOWNLOAD HERE (right-click, save as)

(Cover art by the talented Michael Calero)

You can also download all previous versions in one zip file right here, or grab them individually below.

1.Rusty Cottonmouth - Little Drum Machine Boy
2.Nate Mills - Silent Night
3.Bomarr - Merry Xmas
4.Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz It's Christmas
5.Napo - Every Xmas
6.R. Stevie Moore - Christmas All Over The World
7.Ramona and the Reploids - ReindeerPause
8.Larry Garry - Holiday Time
9.Caetano Veloso - In The Hot Sun Of A Christmas Day
10.Bomarr - Hulk Hogan In A Santa Suit
11.Dana Dane - Dana Dane Is Coming To Town
12.DJ Chelski - Jingle Bells (Chiptune Edit)
13.The Royal Breakspear Company - Santa Claus Is Coming To Xmas Up the Scene
14.BLKrKRT - XMasface
15.Rod Rogers and the Librettos - Santa Claus Goes Modern
16.Christof Muñoz - The 12 Days of Christmas
17.Canned Hamm - Secret Santa
18.Adhesiveslipper - Drummerboy (with Tuna Fish Discrepancy)
19.DJ T-Rock - Joy to the World
20.Bomarr- Merry Xmas 2
21.Rush Coil - O Holy Night
22.EarDr.Umz The MetroGnome - The Spirits Up
23.Fishboy and Carleen Jean Death Machine - Cowbell Christmas
24.8-Bit Synthtown - Bells and Rock
25.Beko - Blue Christmas
26.Square Wail - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
27.Girls Run Funny - Santa's Not Here
28.The One And Only Bill Davis - We Three Kings
29.La Sistema - If You Can't Trust Santa (Whom Can You Trust?)
30. Z Plan- We Wish You A Merry Christmas


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Sourced almost entirely from the deepest, darkest corners of Soundcloud. Thanks to everyone whose songs I download (and sometimes illegally stole). You made volume 7 a true gem. 


(Cover art by Mike Valerio, photo by Erin Brown)




Even "wilder" than the rest. Yet another hour of oddities from the likes of R. Stevie Moore, The Bear and the Sea, Treacherous Three, Florian Filsinger, Owen Gray and more.


(Cover art by Florian Filsinger, photo by Erin Brown)




An hour of more Christmas craziness. Featuring Tom Cosm, Lindstrom, Frank Sidebottom, Cultureside, Atlas Sound and more. 


(Cover art by 319 Heads)




Featuring Klaus Nomi,The Sonics, Juice Crew,Galaxie 500, Rondo Brothers and more.


(Cover art by Stephanie Stillman, photo by Erin Brown)




Featuring Deerhoof, Of Montreal, Octis, Bruce Haack, The Maytals, The Mole, The Show Is the Rainbow and many more. 


(Cover art by Stephanie Stillman, photo by George Chadwick)




A continuous 50 minute mix of obscure and strange Christmas songs featuring Audio Two, Hasil Adkins, Crafty Ladies, Paska, Erlend Oye, Mojo Nixon, George W Bush and many more.


(Cover art by Stephanie Stillman, photo by Liz Wolf)




The one that started it all. A 50-minute continuous mix featuring Grand Buffet, Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, Little Marcy, Wild Man Fischer, Suicide, Tiny Tim and many more.


(Cover art by Bomarr, photo by Liz Wolf)