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ZACKEY FORCE FUNK - "Gunman No Come (Bomarr Remix)" by Matt Valerio

Just released this remix for the talented ZACKEY FORCE FUNK today. Check it out below and pick up his new EP "Chrome Steel Tiger" right here

The Bomarr Blog Guest Podcast: N8NoFace by Matt Bomarr



the bomarr blog guest podcast: n8noface (right-click, save as)

Tucson's N8NoFace contributes to the first of hopefully many guest Bomarr Blog podcasts to come. N8 can be heard in his main project CRIMEKILLZ, as well as numerous collaborations with Isaiah Toothtaker and with his brother Zackey Force Funk (most recently on the upcoming Tobacco/Zackey "Demon Queen" LP). Check out N8's awesome 30-minute mix of minimal synth, punk and hip hop at the iTunes link above, and be on the lookout for an upcoming Bomarr/N8NoFace 7" on Hallowed Articles.

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Zackey Force Funk - "Jean Jacket (feat. CRIMEKILLZ)" by Matt Bomarr

zackey force funk - "jean jacket (feat. crimekillz)" (download) [audio]

Another great one from the oh-so-prolific Zackey Force Funk. A favorite over here at the Bomarr Blog. Zackey just released a brand new EP called Demo Riot Control which is a MUST for minimal synth fans (for those in "the know," you'll be surprised and impressed upon hearing some of these). This 13-track EP features contributions from CRIMEKILLZ (heard here) and Kutmah. Get it now. buy

Zackey Force Funk - "Tucson Push" by Matt Bomarr

zackey force funk - "tucson push" (download) [audio]

Tucson's Zackey Force Funk just released his brand new Minimal Wave EP yesterday via Machina Muerte. 9 tracks of Zackey's awesomely weird minimal weirdo synth funk. The EP features production from Kutmah, Defaced Property, Piotrus Pan and Zackey himself. You really should get this now. twitter buy

Bomarr - "Don't Swim With The Sharks (feat. Zackey Force Funk) *Rough Mix* by Matt Bomarr

bomarr - "don't swim with the sharks (feat. zackey force funk)" rough mix (stream-only) [soundcloud url="" params="show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff00d9" width="100%" height="81" ]

The third and final installment in Machina Muerte week on the Bomarr Blog.  "Don't Swim With the Sharks" is a brand new track I did with Tucson's Zackey Force Funk.  It's from my upcoming to-be-titled 2011 LP, which will also feature appearances from Isaiah Toothtaker, Joel Petersen of Broken Spindles/The Faint, Tarsier, Lida Husik and many more.  This is just a rough mix, and the song isn't quite finished yet, hence the stream-only.  If you like it, spread the word. website zff

Isaiah Toothtaker - "Intruder" by Matt Bomarr

isaiah toothtaker - "intruder" (download) [audio]

Isaiah Toothtaker is back (not that he ever went anywhere) with this banger of a track from his upcoming Illuminati Thug Mafia record (which drops on Machina Muerte Jan 25).  This track was produced by Wavves drummer Jacob Safari, and has a somewhat NSFW video companion piece to go with it. The video features lots of graphic footage, alongside imagery of Isaiah and Full Force Frank (a zine publisher from the 80's who promised to one day commit a massacre, and then mysteriously disappeared).  Also, the song steals the hook from the Antoine Dodson/Gregory Brothers "Bed Intruder" song.  This record is going to be amazing.  Look for Isaiah on my upcoming solo record, and look for more Machina Muerte-affiliated folks to take over the blog this week, including Passage's remix of a Crime track, and a rough mix of my track with Zackey Force Funk. website