yoni wolf

Passage interviewed by Yoni Wolf by Matt Valerio

My longtime friend and former bandmate David Bryant (Passage) sat down with Yoni Wolf recently for Yoni's excellent podcast series The Wandering Wolf. If you've ever been a Restiform Bodies fan, or ever known David, this is an absolute must-listen. The dude has been through a lot. Throughout the hour and a half discussion, they talk about David's history, his battles with addiction, and his plans for the future. Check it out above, or download it for free on iTunes

Telephone Jim Jesus - "Dice Raw (feat. Yoni Wolf & Pedestrian)" by Matt Bomarr

telephone jim jesus - "dice raw (feat. yoni wolf & pedestrian)" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/15455495-127.mp3]

Somehow this record from one of my best friends and bandmates, Telephone Jim Jesus, has come up twice this week, so I thought I'd post one of my favorite tracks from it. "Dice Raw" features Anticon's Pedestrian and Yoni Wolf of WHY? on vocals, as well as a couple of tasteful "record drop-ins" from myself. I play drums on a few of the songs from this record, Anywhere Out of the Everything, which you can purchase right here.