synth pop

Mwahaha - "Sundown" by Matt Valerio

Just like this blog right here…Bay Area band Mwahaha has been fairly quiet for some time. In addition to focusing on some other projects (vocalist Ross Peacock has been spending a lot of his time performing with Zachary James Watkins as Watkins/Peacock), they sadly lost their dear bandmate, visual artist Cyrus Tilton to cancer in 2017. Fortunately, Cyus had already recorded some of the initial ideas that ended up helping to shape this amazing record.

The track above is just a taste of what you’ll hear when their new record Lovers comes out in September.

RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, Soulwax, Kraftwerk, David Bowie

SOVIET Returns With First New Album In 11 Years + Bomarr Remix by Matt Valerio

SOVIET's first new album in 11 years came out this week. The album is called Ghosts, and it's a fantastic return. 10 tracks of catchy-as-all-hell synthy goodness. Being a HUGE fan of SOVIET's 2001 album We Are Eyes, We Are Builders, I was absolutely flattered when he asked me to do a remix for one of the tracks from the new record. My remix debuted today and you can stream it above.

To purchase the new record, and receive a FREE album of all the remixes, head over here. And while you're at it, check out this great appearance on KXLU from the other night.

Bring Prudence - "Furniture" by Matt Bomarr


Brooklyn-based songwriter and self taught electronic musician Bring Prudence (Oleh Zaychenko) released a beautiful EP called Aliens back in August. All this time, I've been thinking that I was going to post about one of the tracks from it here on the blog, right up until I started to put together this post and I realized that the track I had in mind all along was from his 2010 record Engineers. I guess I'll have to blame this on my sometimes lack of attention to detail, as well as the general chaotic nature of my iTunes library at times. 

Either way, Engineers AND the newish Aliens EP are both worth a listen. Both have beats, synths, and catchy melodies. You can pick them both up right here

Futurisk - "Army Now" by Matt Bomarr

futurisk - "army now" (download)

Futurisk was a synthpop band from Florida who were mostly active in the late '70's/early 80's. Their Player Piano EP is probably their most well-known release, which was recently re-released as Player Piano LP on Minimal Wave records last year. James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) is also a big fan. You can hear a slight variation of this song in the video right here. buy

Robert Palmer - "Johnny and Mary" by Matt Bomarr

robert palmer - "johnny and mary" (download) (removed)

Yep, this is from the same late rocker who brought hits like "Addicted to Love," "Simply Irresistible," and "Doctor, Doctor (Give Me the News)," as well as a member of the 80's band Power Station. This record, Clues, came out in 1980, long before he became a household name because of his MTV hits. This record veered more in a new wave/synth pop direction, often reaching Gary Numan-esque moments. While the record as a whole isn't amazing, the songs that are great are really great. buy

M - "Pop Muzik" by Matt Bomarr

m - "pop muzik" (download) [audio]

Classic synthpop track from British band M. Released in 1979 on their New York • London • Paris • Munich LP (which featured occasional handclaps and what not from David Bowie). Most of their other work didn't really sit on the same level that this song did, but it's still worth checking out. The artwork for the 7" above is singer Robin Scott's daughter Berenice, who grew up to become a musician herself. (thanks, Jordy) buy