PASSAGE Releases New Digital EP "Wreck Center" by Matt Valerio

Brand new PASSAGE digital EP, recently released on the impressive Illuminated Paths label. This 4-song EP acts as a precursor to PASSAGE's upcoming "Worked On" release, which will be released on floppy disk and feature a bonus rare live CD-R.

"Wreck Center" features remixes by Skyrider, Power Pill Fist and Cloudsound. Have a listen below, where you can also buy it for only TWO DOLLARS.

Sole - "Heartless" by Matt Bomarr

sole - "heartless" (download)

From his brand new "mixtape" Nuclear Winter. Here, Sole puts a new twist on Kanye's "Heartless". Nuclear Winter features various interpretations of popular hits like Rick Ross' "Hustlin", 50 Cent & Justin Timberlake's "Jayo Technology", Biggie's "Juicy" and more, and features guest appearances from Bleubird, Astronautilis, Ceschi Ramos, Solillaquists of Sound, Jared Paul (on the "controversial" track "My President")and J-Swag. This mixtape is technically "free" if you want to be cheap about it, but I'd suggest following this link to go throw a couple of bucks Sole's way for a higher quality download and you can feel good knowing you supported an artist even though you really didn't HAVE to. (Sole and the Skyrider Band also have a brand new record out called Plastique. You can pick up that album right here)

New Telephone Jim Jesus Track!!!! by Matt Bomarr

Telephone Jim Jesus has been kind enough to give me this brand new track (co-produced by Bud Behrning of Furious Stylz/Skyrider). All I can say is this track is SLAMMING. I can't get enough of it. This is really making me anxious for some new TJJ/Furious Stylz material. There's a new Telephone Jim Jesus record and a new Furious Stylz record in the works (for those who don't know, Furious Stylz is Jim Jesus + Bud & John of Skyrider). They have a free EP that you can download to hold you over right here.