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Bomarr contributes "My Other Life Is A Failure" mix for by Matt Valerio

"My Other Life Is A Failure" is a new mixtape I put together for the wonderful website It features some of my all time and recent favorite songs. You should go have a listen

Cover art background image by yours truly. 

The Bomarr Blog Podcast #2 by Matt Bomarr

the bomarr blog podcast #2 (download) or subscribe in iTunes 

Here's the 2nd episode of the Bomarr Blog podcast. You can download directly above or subscribe to the podcast in the iTunes store. Tracklist below:

Really Really - Bonus Shots Siriusmo - Nights Off Morio Agata - Submarine Groundislava - Creeper Shit Landscape - Shake the West Awake SpaceArt - Love Machine BlankSpaces - Magic PaulMcCartney - Temporary Secretary Benito - Saturn Trips SuKramer - Magic Dance SmallBlack - Despicable Dogs (Washed Out remix) RobertPalmer - Johnnie and Mary AliceCooper - Clones Dakota - Fanning Devo - Time Out For Fun HumanLeague - Being Boiled

Robert Palmer - "Johnny and Mary" by Matt Bomarr

robert palmer - "johnny and mary" (download) (removed)

Yep, this is from the same late rocker who brought hits like "Addicted to Love," "Simply Irresistible," and "Doctor, Doctor (Give Me the News)," as well as a member of the 80's band Power Station. This record, Clues, came out in 1980, long before he became a household name because of his MTV hits. This record veered more in a new wave/synth pop direction, often reaching Gary Numan-esque moments. While the record as a whole isn't amazing, the songs that are great are really great. buy