R/D - "Stadium Chimera" by Matt Bomarr

r/d - "stadium chimera" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/12081637-09a.mp3]

Los Angeles-based producer R/D started off as a DJ. DJ'ing alongside the likes of Jamie Lidell, Squarepusher and Prefuse 73, among others, and producing his own music on the side.  It wasn't until he moved in with his friends Edit and Ooah of The Glitch Mob that he started to really get inspired, and started to take producing his own beat-heavy music more seriously.  This seems to have been the best move he could have made.  He has since shared bills with Flying Lotus, Bassnectar, Cocorosie, Les Claypool and more, and has now unleashed his Face Of God EP on the world.  Face Of God is out TODAY, and you can purchase it directly from him over at his Bandcamp page. website

Ooah - "Time Warp" by Matt Bomarr

[audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/10743408-68d.mp3]

Impressive new single from Ooah. This guy has been extremely productive lately. When he's not tearing shit up with his fellow beat-masters in The Glitch Mob, or getting saucy with MartyParty in PANTyRAid, or slowing things down a bit for his Of Porcelain project, he's releasing equally-as-nasty music under his own Ooah name. Great things to come this year, as The Glitch Mob have recently wrapped up their highly anticipated debut full length Drink The Sea. He's released this to hold you over. Buy the single (also featuring "Beginning" over at iTunes for only $1.98).

Opiuo - "King Prawn" by Matt Bomarr

opiuo - "king prawn" (stream-only)

I can't speak highly enough about this compilation that Bay Area producer An-Ten-Nae has put together. There are some incredibly nasty beats on here from the likes of Ooah (Glitch Mob/PANTyRAiD), Marty Party (PANTyRAiD), Adam Freeland, Robot Koch, An-ten-nae himself, and more. I hadn't heard of Opiuo before this compilation, but I did some research and found this amazing EP, which you can name your price on (no minimum), and it blew me away. Keep an eye on all of the artists associated with this compilation, and everything coming out of the Muti Music label, it's all really great stuff, and while you're at it...BUY THIS COMP!!