Restiform Bodies - TV Loves You Back Remixes by Matt Bomarr

5 years later....the RB's FINALLY get around to releasing their long sought-after remix record. And it's FREE! Featuring remixes from a diverse cast of characters including Tobacco, Odd Nosdam, Genghis Tron, Lazer Sword, Wallpaper. , Mochipet, Alias, Broken Spindles, Anon Day and many more. An unmastered treat for the ears, and a true gift for those with patience..

Download it for free via Bandcamp

Restiform Bodies - "Opulent Soul (OneWerd Remix)" by Matt Bomarr

Here's an older remix that Passage dug up of one of the tracks from our TV Loves You Back LP. One of these days we'll get around to releasing the remix record. Actually, the 5 year anniversary of the album release is coming up next month....maybe we'll do it then. Stay tuned.