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Jel + Odd Nosdam's New Project: GLASS CUTTERS by Matt Valerio


Jel & Odd Nosdam just surprise released a new project that has been in the works for the past 7 years. Recorded throughout Northern California’s East Bay between 2012-2019, the project features production wizardy from both of the aforementioned producers, as well as vocal contributions from Joji Kojima, Martin Carlos Ward and Jel himself. The record is gritty and full of trunk rattlers. If you’re a fan of any of these guys, you’re going to dig this. It may even make your week. The whole record is available for free download right here.

Full production credits below:

1 A WARM WELCOME (vocals by Martin, Jel, Joji, Nosdam / music by Jel)
2 YOU IN TROUBLE (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Nosdam)
3 THIS GOD (vocals by Martin, Jel, Joji / bass by Mike Walti / music by Jel)
4 FLY TO THE IN THE SKY (vocals by Joji / music by Nosdam)
5 RACE THE GRIND (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Jel)
6 SUPANOVA (vocals by Joji, Sin, Mike Fish, Martin, Jel / music by Nosdam)
7 MAMA SAID (vocals by Martin, Jel / bass by Mike Walti / music by Nosdam)
8 PENNIES (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Jel)
9 NO METAL (vocals by Jel, Martin, Joji / music by Nosdam)

Background Noise, Episode 38: Michael Alan by Matt Bomarr

The "Background Noise" podcast series focuses on the music that artists listen to when they work, what music inspires them, or just music they like. This week, in Episode 38, the focus is on artist Michael Alan.

The "Background Noise" podcast series focuses on the music that artists listen to when they work, what music inspires them, or just music they like. This week, in Episode 38, the focus is on artist Michael Alan.

photo by Joseph Meloy

photo by Joseph Meloy

Michael Alan never stops. Seriously. Never stops. He is constantly creating. The few times I've seen him out at art shows, he's had his small box of various pens and a pad of paper, and is calmly socializing with fellow artists and friends, while drawing at the same time. Calmly is the key word here, as calm is not exactly what you would expect the demeanor of the artist that creates this type of work to be.

His work is obviously cathartic. Now more than ever. The guy has a lot on his plate these days. Not too long ago, he was diagnosed with Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), which is a blood clot that forms deep inside a part of the body, and can be very dangerous. This comes in addition to a few years of major health issues, including a broken spine. The man is constantly on the mend, channeling what sure must be an entire world of emotions into various forms of expression. Whether it's drawing, painting, sculpture, or music, he's got it all covered.

photo by Matt Bomarr

photo by Matt Bomarr

For the past 11 years, he's become known for his "Drawathons", which have now morphed into something he's dubbed The Living Installation, which are a series of performance pieces where Michael transforms event spaces and various brave participants into living, breathing pieces of his art. I've never caught one in person, but they look amazing. He has one coming up on October 18th in Brooklyn. More info can be found here.

photo via MilkMade.com

photo via MilkMade.com

In addition to all of this, he's released a few albums of his music, often featuring an impressive roster of respected artists and musicians as collaborators. In addition to my former roommate/former label-mate Odd Nosdam, he's released collaborations with Jello Biafra, Ariel Pink, Jeff and Jane Hudson, The Boredoms and Kenny Scharf, to name a few. You can check out some of this music over at his Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages.

What was your first concert?

photo via Michael Alan

photo via Michael Alan

Last concert?
More into more small punky shows, DIY stuff, saw Fake Hooker play in brooklyn, it was very good.

First album,tape or cd?
Crass!!! Record!!!

Last album you bought?
MB Neuro Habitat yesterday

Was there one album that made a significant impression on you?
I'm a music collector, that's what motivates a lot of my paintings........I can't say one.....or the other......I can say, the Residents, Crass, ODB.....for sure

Who is your musical hero?

How important is music to your creative process?
Water for the bod

1. "Sunset" Skullflower
2. "Read Only Memory" Chrome

3. "Sad to Be" D.R.I.
4. "Good Day Today" David Lynch
5. "i Got the Gun" Drunks With Guns
6. "What Hit You" Dwarves
7. "Oreo" Eric Copeland
8. "The Money Will Roll Right In" Fang

9. "Life Is Cheap" Flipper
10. "Reunited" ODB

Check out Michael Alan's mix below, download it directly here, or subscribe to the Background Noise podcast on iTunes. Be sure to like Background Noise on Facebook for updates on future episodes. You can browse ALL the Background Noise episodes here. Check out Michael's website here.

Restiform Bodies - TV Loves You Back Remixes by Matt Bomarr

5 years later....the RB's FINALLY get around to releasing their long sought-after remix record. And it's FREE! Featuring remixes from a diverse cast of characters including Tobacco, Odd Nosdam, Genghis Tron, Lazer Sword, Wallpaper. , Mochipet, Alias, Broken Spindles, Anon Day and many more. An unmastered treat for the ears, and a true gift for those with patience..

Download it for free via Bandcamp

Odd Nosdam remixes Black Moth Super Rainbow by Matt Bomarr

Black Moth Super Rainbow FAR surpassed their initial Kickstarter Project goal recently (raising about $80k MORE than their goal). Last week, they released this remix from Odd Nosdam (Anticon / cLOUDDEAD / Reaching Quiet), which completely flips the vibe on this, and I love it. (Edit: I just discovered an insane remix of this same song by mysterious prankster Longmont Potion Castle as well over on the BMSR Soundcloud page as well.)
bmsr soundcloud

Мишка Summer 2012 Lookbook [Teaser Video] featuring Jel & Main Attrakionz by Matt Bomarr

Featuring the song "Chapter 3" from Main Attrakionz & Jel. If you look close, you'll catch some video of Jel in there as well. Also, check out this recent interview that The Styrofoam Drone did with Jel & Odd Nosdam. And an EXTRA EXTRA bonus, grab this newish EP that Main Attrakionz, Jel and Zachg did together. [vimeo 42230603 w=750 h=300]

Mwahaha - "Rainbow Diamond" by Matt Bomarr

mwahaha - "rainbow diamond" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/15496886-91c.mp3]

I guarantee you will be hearing more about Mwahaha in the coming months. This Oakland 4-piece blends crazy psychedelia with analog drum machines and thick synth lines, making for an all-out aural treat that deserves repeated headphone listens. Their self-titled record (out December 6) features indie darling Merrill Garbus of tUnE-YarDs, and was mixed and partially recorded by Eli Crews (Deerhoof, Tune-Yards, WHY?, Restiform Bodies). Anticon's Jel and Odd Nosdam are both currently confirmed for remixes in the near future as well. Keep an eye on these guys.  You can also preview another great track from their record called "Poinsettia" over at their Bandcamp page. twitter facebook

Hype Williams - "Blue Dream" by Matt Bomarr

hype williams - "blue dream" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/13652986-916.mp3]

I posted a Hounds of Hate track some time ago that featured London/Berlin duo Hype Williams.  In the post, I mentioned not liking Hype Williams so much, but on the duo's new record, the Real World-inspired Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, and Start Gettin' Reel (out on De Stijl), they've stepped up their game a bit.  All these songs sound Robitussin and pot-inspired, and sound great in headphones.  Once again, highly recommended for fans of Odd Nosdam and any other sludgy, downtempo instrumental music.  Portions of this record can get highly experimental and out there, so it's not for everyone, but if you like "Blue Dream," give it a shot. myspace buy

Hounds of Hate - "II III Eye (feat. Hype Williams)" by Matt Bomarr

I have no idea how this music made its way into my iTunes, but while listening to some music, this came on and immediately caught my attention. Turns out to be a "mixtape" (literally a cassette release) called Untitled [deuces] from London's Hounds of Hate and Hype Williams (not THAT Hype Williams), where they took turns appearing on each others' sides of the cassette. To be honest, I'm a bit more into the Hounds of Hate side of the tape than the Hype Williams side, but they're both great. It's all on a sludge-funk-downtempo-instrumental-synth vibe and I love it. Highly recommended if you're a fan of Odd Nosdam or Tobacco. There's a limited 7" split and another mixtape with Hype Williams coming in the near future. You can download side 2 of the mixtape here.