neon indian

Pandit - "Kodiak" by Matt Bomarr

pandit - "kodiak" (download) [audio]

As corny as it sounds to say, Texas's Pandit (Lance Smith) is definitely an artist to watch this year. He just released this amazing 10-track LP on Lefse Records (home to Neon Indian, How to Dress Well, and more). Sometimes beat-oriented and sometimes just straight up acoustic. This track, an open letter to a loved one, really shows off Lance's songwriting skills. This is one of those records that will look and sound great on vinyl, and you can pre-order a copy direct from Lefse (out April 26th) right here. buy (digital)

Neon Indian - "Children Of the Revolution" by Matt Bomarr

neon indian - "children of the revolution" (download) [audio]

Neon Indian released this great cover of this T. Rex classic back in mid-December. It stays true to the original, while still giving it that lo-fi, underwater funk feel that Neon Indian is known for. This is rumored to be from an upcoming T. Rex re-release that Fat Possum is putting out.

Detachments - "Flowers That Fell (Mirror People's 're-make re-model' version)" by Matt Bomarr


Yet another artist who has been blowing my mind lately is Mirror People, another project from Portugal's Rui Maia. He got my attention with his really impressive remix of Neon Indian's "Mind,Drips," so I did some research and stumbled on this Kraftwerk-y remix he did for UK band Detachments. Rui counts New Order, Add n to (x), Giorgio Moroder and Suicide as some of his favorites, so how could you NOT like this? He has a bunch of stuff for you to check out over at his Soundcloud page, all of it is really impressive. He also has more music and videos over on his MySpace page.

Washed Out - "Get Up" by Matt Bomarr

washed out - "get up" (download)


It took me a little while to come around when it came to this little EP. I've listened to it on and off for a while, but would always compare it to the Neon Indian record (which is amazing, if you haven't already heard). It has really grown on me though. Some lo-fi bedroom synthpop songs straight out of Georgia. You should buy this. It's called Life of Leisure. Also, check out the great remix Washed Out did for Small Black that I posted last week.

Truman Peyote - "New Wife, New Life" by Matt Bomarr

With a name like Truman Peyote, you're sure to expect some heady, psychedelic shit. They don't disappoint. "New Wife, New Life" is from this Boston area band's formerly-CDR-only-soon-to-be-12inch-vinyl release Light-Lightning. On Light-Lightning, they provide you with some catchy, trippy, lo-fi jams, and will surely be a treat to have on vinyl when it's released. These guys are definitely a band to watch for 2010. Currently, they have upcoming shows with Neon Indian, The Hood Internet, Toro Y Moi & Ear Pwr, to name a few. There's also a 7" split with Turtle Ambulance (and featuring "New Wife, New Life") coming out on Breakfast of Champs Records February 9th.