Jel + Odd Nosdam's New Project: GLASS CUTTERS by Matt Valerio


Jel & Odd Nosdam just surprise released a new project that has been in the works for the past 7 years. Recorded throughout Northern California’s East Bay between 2012-2019, the project features production wizardy from both of the aforementioned producers, as well as vocal contributions from Joji Kojima, Martin Carlos Ward and Jel himself. The record is gritty and full of trunk rattlers. If you’re a fan of any of these guys, you’re going to dig this. It may even make your week. The whole record is available for free download right here.

Full production credits below:

1 A WARM WELCOME (vocals by Martin, Jel, Joji, Nosdam / music by Jel)
2 YOU IN TROUBLE (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Nosdam)
3 THIS GOD (vocals by Martin, Jel, Joji / bass by Mike Walti / music by Jel)
4 FLY TO THE IN THE SKY (vocals by Joji / music by Nosdam)
5 RACE THE GRIND (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Jel)
6 SUPANOVA (vocals by Joji, Sin, Mike Fish, Martin, Jel / music by Nosdam)
7 MAMA SAID (vocals by Martin, Jel / bass by Mike Walti / music by Nosdam)
8 PENNIES (vocals by Jel, Martin / music by Jel)
9 NO METAL (vocals by Jel, Martin, Joji / music by Nosdam)

Spooky Tricks VHS Promo Unearthed by Matt Bomarr

I can't even begin to describe this video myself, so I'll let mr Doseone sum it up for you:

"Spooky Tricks was given to the founding members of anticon as it was being founded. DJ Stef, bay area OG and awesome all around person, had it sent to her and later handed it to us and our lives would never be the same again... This was the tail end of the tape trading days, and the internet was just a pup, mp3s didn't exist ... and Spooky Tricks only existed in VHS form. Over the next 6 months every one in anticon memorized, rehearsed, performed and compared impressions of all the awesome Australian goodness that is Spooky Tricks. In 2001 Jel Sole and myself were lucky enough to tour Australia and on our 2nd night there, wer were drunk and randomly started doing Spooky Tricks impressions. Next thing you know the guy beside us says... "how the fuck do you guys know that shit?" and follows it up with "those guys are in the next room."... So Sole and I performed Spooky Tricks out takes for one of the guys in Ill D the Doctor.... The rest is history, and now for the first time since then, Spooky Tricks has been "dug up" and is now available for you appreciation and enjoyment. love doseone"

Jel adds:

"This video cassette became endless entertainment for many early anticon pajama jammy jams."

For me, this brings back vivid memories of Sole constantly, in his best Australian accent, reciting the Spooky Tricks line "feel the fucking kids get fly," or whatever it is they say there.

(Thanks to Colin Guthrie for the tip)


Мишка Summer 2012 Lookbook [Teaser Video] featuring Jel & Main Attrakionz by Matt Bomarr

Featuring the song "Chapter 3" from Main Attrakionz & Jel. If you look close, you'll catch some video of Jel in there as well. Also, check out this recent interview that The Styrofoam Drone did with Jel & Odd Nosdam. And an EXTRA EXTRA bonus, grab this newish EP that Main Attrakionz, Jel and Zachg did together. [vimeo 42230603 w=750 h=300]

Mwahaha - "Rainbow Diamond" by Matt Bomarr

mwahaha - "rainbow diamond" (download) [audio]

I guarantee you will be hearing more about Mwahaha in the coming months. This Oakland 4-piece blends crazy psychedelia with analog drum machines and thick synth lines, making for an all-out aural treat that deserves repeated headphone listens. Their self-titled record (out December 6) features indie darling Merrill Garbus of tUnE-YarDs, and was mixed and partially recorded by Eli Crews (Deerhoof, Tune-Yards, WHY?, Restiform Bodies). Anticon's Jel and Odd Nosdam are both currently confirmed for remixes in the near future as well. Keep an eye on these guys.  You can also preview another great track from their record called "Poinsettia" over at their Bandcamp page. twitter facebook