jai paul

Jai Paul - "BTSTU" by Matt Bomarr

jai paul - "btstu" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/12688269-948.mp3]

Jai Paul is a 21-year old from London.  This demo version of "BTSTU" consists of heavily-layered synths and drums, and as of now is the only song I've heard from him, but apparently there's an EP in the works.  The first comparison that comes to mind is sort of a falsetto Bobby Birdman. Jai is still "unsigned," but rumor has it that he's being scoped out by labels such as XL and Polydor.  A tip of the hat goes to my friend Matt Holt from Broken Figures for putting me up on him.  If this song is any indication, there'll be some good music on the way from this guy. myspace