Dusty Brown - "This City Is Killing Me" by Matt Bomarr

dusty brown - "this city is killing me" (download) (removed)

This week is insanely busy for me, so my posts are going to be much lighter on the wordage. Check out this track from Sacramento-based producer Dusty Brown, from his new EP of the same name. You can download it right through his website for free or for donation.

Civil Civic - "Lights on a Leash" by Matt Bomarr

civil civic - "lights on a leash" (download) [audio]

Civil Civic are an instrumental duo (trio if you count their drum machine) from Australia. They put out this limited 7" back in December. At points, they sound like Ratatat on speed, and at other points, they morph into their own unique, high energy sound. They have a whole bunch of stuff that you can pick up over at their Bandcamp page, and they also have an Indie Go Go campaign (similar to Kickstarter) going right now and they're only about $500 away from their goal. You can also preview their new single "Airspray", which comes out July 11.