//Tense// - "Lead Head" by Matt Bomarr

//tense// - "lead head" (download) (removed)

//Tense// are the Front 242 of 2011. It's really great to see that classic-sounding industrial/electronic music is not completely dead. Granted, there are bands out there that are attempting to pull it off and failing, but bands like //Tense// and White Car are doing it well. It was very hard to pick a particular track from this EP to post, which means you should really check the whole thing out if you were ever into anything on the Wax Trax label. buy

World Domination Enterprises - "I Can't Live Without My Radio" by Matt Bomarr

World Domination Enterprises were only around from 1984-1989. Their music incorporated "modern" rock, industrial music and dub, and they're probably best known for this poppy cover of the classic LL Cool J hit "I Can't Live Without My Radio".