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Hype Williams - "Blue Dream" by Matt Bomarr

hype williams - "blue dream" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/13652986-916.mp3]

I posted a Hounds of Hate track some time ago that featured London/Berlin duo Hype Williams.  In the post, I mentioned not liking Hype Williams so much, but on the duo's new record, the Real World-inspired Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, and Start Gettin' Reel (out on De Stijl), they've stepped up their game a bit.  All these songs sound Robitussin and pot-inspired, and sound great in headphones.  Once again, highly recommended for fans of Odd Nosdam and any other sludgy, downtempo instrumental music.  Portions of this record can get highly experimental and out there, so it's not for everyone, but if you like "Blue Dream," give it a shot. myspace buy

Hounds of Hate - "II III Eye (feat. Hype Williams)" by Matt Bomarr

I have no idea how this music made its way into my iTunes, but while listening to some music, this came on and immediately caught my attention. Turns out to be a "mixtape" (literally a cassette release) called Untitled [deuces] from London's Hounds of Hate and Hype Williams (not THAT Hype Williams), where they took turns appearing on each others' sides of the cassette. To be honest, I'm a bit more into the Hounds of Hate side of the tape than the Hype Williams side, but they're both great. It's all on a sludge-funk-downtempo-instrumental-synth vibe and I love it. Highly recommended if you're a fan of Odd Nosdam or Tobacco. There's a limited 7" split and another mixtape with Hype Williams coming in the near future. You can download side 2 of the mixtape here.