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Sharpe & Numan - "Change Your Mind" by Matt Bomarr

sharpe & numan - "change your mind" (download) [audio]

It's no secret that I'm a huge Gary Numan fan.  He had a huge influence on the birth of my "band" Restiform Bodies, and I still get chills listening to some of his early songs.  This track was recorded at the end of the 80's (not known to be some of Numan's best years), but it still stands up as a decent pop song.  In 1988, this single reached #17 on Britain's pop charts, and the following year, the full length collaboration (with Shakatak's Bill Sharpe) Automatic came out.  Honestly, I like Gary's solo stuff so much more, but I really do love this song.  This one clocks in at a little over 8 minutes, being the 12" club mix and all, but I couldn't track down a shorter version.  Enjoy. buy

HEALTH - "Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)" by Matt Bomarr

I have been LOVING this song lately. Tobacco (of Black Moth Super Rainbow) can really do no wrong when he's doing remixes. (Check the aweome Restiform Bodies remix he did here). Here, he remixes HEALTH's "Die Slow" from their awesome new record Get Color. These guys put on a really intense live show, and they're on tour right now (with awesome opener Pictureplane), so go see them if you get the chance. They also just performed a Gang of Four cover live on stage with Nine Inch Nails, Gary Numan and Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction). You don't get much cooler than that.

Friday Roundup by Matt Bomarr

Starting something new today. Every Friday, I'll be posting a few links of cool things from the week for you to check out over the weekend. Sometimes there'll be a lot of them, sometimes only 1 or 2. Let me know what you think:

  • Great interview with Thomas Lennon, Ken Marino and Kerri Kenney-Silver of The State on The Sound of Young America. link
  • iZotope has released a new iDrum "8-Bit Drum Machine" app for the iPhone. I may now have to make an iPhone Beats, Vol. 2 EP. link
  • Gary Numan interviews Ultravox's John Foxx over at Drowned In Sound. link
  • Download the new GCS/MOB release Dirty Pretty Ugly Shit for free right here
  • And some very wtf-worthy eye candy for you....(You)genious: The Misfit of R&B's video for "Sex On A Spoon". Not entirely sure what to make of this. link

Holy Fuck - "Frenchy's" by Matt Bomarr

Maybe it's because it sounds like an instrumental Gary Numan song to me. Maybe it's because they put on an amazing live show. Is it because they have an awesome name? It could also be that they've toured with Buck65 and covered Radiohead. Who knows? But for some reason, I love these guys. They're from Toronto. This song is from their 2007 self-titled LP Holy Fuck. I'd highly recommend anything they put out.