Bring Prudence - "Furniture" by Matt Bomarr


Brooklyn-based songwriter and self taught electronic musician Bring Prudence (Oleh Zaychenko) released a beautiful EP called Aliens back in August. All this time, I've been thinking that I was going to post about one of the tracks from it here on the blog, right up until I started to put together this post and I realized that the track I had in mind all along was from his 2010 record Engineers. I guess I'll have to blame this on my sometimes lack of attention to detail, as well as the general chaotic nature of my iTunes library at times. 

Either way, Engineers AND the newish Aliens EP are both worth a listen. Both have beats, synths, and catchy melodies. You can pick them both up right here

Satellites - "Psychicato" by Matt Bomarr

Producer Erik Nava is back under another pseudonym. Nava is best known for his project under the name Egadz, but has recently released music under the name Matterhorn, and now he brings us Satellites. The new Satellites record, Ghost, is 9 tracks of sprain-your-neck electronic beats, and best of all, it's only FIVE dollars, direct from the artist here. Go support.

The Bomarr Blog Podcast #4 by Matt Bomarr

Recorded on a hot memorial day in New York City. Here's the fourth installment of the Bomarr Blog Podcast. I highly encourage you to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes and if you're digging the podcasts, please rate and/or comment so I know you're listening. If iTunes isn't your thing, you can download the podcast direct right here. Here's the tracklisting: 1.Quakers - Rip 2.Bruce Haack - Party Machine (Prince Language Remix) 3.Null & Void - All the Old Humans 4.Robert Hazard - Escalator of Life 5.Jeff Phelps - Super Lady 6.Black Brothers - Saman Doye 7.Zeus B. Held - Sound Trigger 8.Principles of Geometry - Carbon Cowboy (feat. Tonetta) 9.Art Fact - Building 10.Jel - Yer Bells 11.La Bionda - I Wanna Be Your Lover 12.Medio Mutante - Uberbeast 13.Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights 14.Beranek - Pictures and Paintings 15.Blood Orange - I'm Sorry We Lied (Demo)