MC Fosty & Lovin' C - "Radio Activity Rapp" by Matt Bomarr

mc fosty & lovin' c - "radio activity rapp" (download) (removed)

From: The West Coast Album: Radio Activity Rapp 12" (Rappers Rapp Disco Co. - 1984)Genres: Old School, West Coast, Hip Hop, Vocoder, Electro Recommended if you like:  World Class Wreckin Cru, Sugar Hill Gang, Magic Mike Buy: Amazon

Cat Stevens - "Was Dog A Doughnut?" by Matt Bomarr

cat stevens - "was dog a doughnut?" (download) (removed)

I'm sure when you think of early electro innovators, you don't think of Cat Stevens, do you? While he's one of my all-time favorite musicians, hearing a song like this coming from the man who wrote "Wild World" is quite a surprise. Recorded in 1976, this instrumental is considered by some to be one of the first "electro" songs. buy

Doris Norton - "A.D.A. Converter" by Matt Bomarr

doris norton - "a.d.a. converter" (download) (removed)

While Doris Norton's music doesn't technically sound "groundbreaking" by today's standards, it was certainly very much ahead of its time when she was recording this experimental electronic/borderline electro music in the early 80's. This release, Personal Computer, came out in 1984. What makes her even cooler? She was sponsored by Apple AND Roland.

Ladytron - "Mu-Tron" by Matt Bomarr

ladytron - "mu-tron" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/14939587-356.mp3]

This song reminds me of when I first moved to California in 2001. Back when I had a car, I would drive from my temporary home in San Jose, up to Oakland to visit my bandmates, and I was constantly blasting this record. This is a great instrumental opener from their 604 LP. Even though I no longer live in California, it still takes me back every time I listen to it. buy

Special Request - "Salsa Smurph" by Matt Bomarr

special request - "salsa smurph" (download) [audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/12417588-033.mp3]

This song has nothing to do with salsa or Smurfs.  There's actually not much info floating around about Special Request.  This was a vocoder-heavy electronic track that was released by Tommy Boy in 1983.  It's synthy and funky, so naturally I like it. buy

Body Electric - "Magic Electronic" by Matt Bomarr

[audio http://www.divshare.com/direct/10572368-a83.mp3]

This little gem of a 7" from 1984 has been recently re-issued as a 12" by Moustache Records out of the Netherlands. Extremely catchy, heavily-Vocoded electro. The new 12" reissue has some alternate edits, as well as the equally as good "5595." To the best of my knowledge, the 12" is currently available via Clone Records, which means it's going to cost you about $40 US to purchase it on vinyl, but if you're just in the mood to own the MP3's, you can pick it up digitally for significantly less over at the Boomkat store. I might have to start saving my pennies.

Mirage - "Lake of Dreams" by Matt Bomarr

Another group I don't know a whole lot about, and can't seem to find much info on. They're from Italy, and they had three songs on the Italians Do It Better compilation After Dark (alongside The Chromatics, Glass Candy, Professor Genius and others). This is a nice, 9-minute track (although I wish there were a shorter version out there) to take you into the weekend. Throw some shades on, put the top down, and drive into the sunset.