Video: Pictureplane Releases "Technomancer" Video by Matt Valerio

I remember back in the early 00s, when a young man named Pictureplane was an active contributor on the old Anticon and Restiform Bodies message boards. Constantly hustling, promoting his art and music to anyone who will listen. More and more over the years, his name would come up. He'd open for us on tour, let us crash at his old warehouse (he used to live at the awesome DIY spot Rhinoceropolis in Denver....which every band and their mom has most likely played and/or crashed at). He's since become a great friend and tourmate to HEALTH, and recently came full circle and has finally released his own LP via Anticon this past Friday. 

Go ahead and pick it up here.

EGADZ! - "Glock Out" by Matt Bomarr

For his final album as EGADZ!, Egadz Is Dead, Erik Nava puts the nail in the coffin with intensity. "Glock Out", one of the standout tracks on the record, hits you in the face with driving beats and a nasty distorted bassline. EGADZ! has recently relocated from the Bay Area to Denver, CO and has decided to shed his old persona for his new one, NAVA. Expect great things from this man in the future. Egadz is Dead is out TODAY. Grab it below.

Pictureplane vs. Future Islands - "Old Dreamer" by Matt Bomarr

Denver's Pictureplane (Travis Egedy) takes on Future Islands' "Old Friend" and "Little Dreamer" from their new record Wave Like Home, and makes his own version, appropriately titled "Old Dreamer". Future Islands have been touring like crazy, and are getting ready to head to Europe to play some more shows with their fellow Baltimore maniac Dan Deacon. Pictureplane is best known for his great remix of Health's "Lost Time" from their Health/Disco remix record. You can purchase Pictureplane's newish record Turquoise Trail here. Pick up Wave Like Home from Future Islands here. Now, if I could only convince Travis to send us the Restiform Bodies remix he was supposed to give us ;)