Rap Duo Not the 1s Launch Kickstarter Campaign by Matt Valerio

Rap Duo Not the 1s (Cuzzo D & Mawnstr) just launched a Kickstarter campaign for the 12" vinyl of their upcoming LP Everybody's Rappin'. The release will come out on Gold Robot Records later this year and will be a 12" picture disc with art by illustrator Matt Gondek. The album features guest appearances by the legendary Kool Keith, Riff Raff, and more. 

By pledging $100 or more to the project, not only do you help fund the release of the physical goods, but you also become a PART of the album. Matt Gondek will incorporate YOU into the actual art on the picture disc. How cool is that? Oh, and how cool is Mawnstr's amazing Juice t-shirt in the above video? Where can I get one?

For more info and to support these guys, check out their Kickstarter page



Restiform Bodies - TV Loves You Back Remixes by Matt Bomarr

5 years later....the RB's FINALLY get around to releasing their long sought-after remix record. And it's FREE! Featuring remixes from a diverse cast of characters including Tobacco, Odd Nosdam, Genghis Tron, Lazer Sword, Wallpaper. , Mochipet, Alias, Broken Spindles, Anon Day and many more. An unmastered treat for the ears, and a true gift for those with patience..

Download it for free via Bandcamp

Debmaster - "Clean Team" by Matt Bomarr

debmaster - "clean team" (download) [audio]

Some new heat from the most recent Debmaster record, Grossmutter. The record was released for free late last year by the good folks over at Cock Rock Disco. You can hear some more great Debmaster tracks over at his Soundcloud page, and download the record for free right here.

The Coup - "8 Million Ways To Kill A CEO (Debmaster Remix)" by Matt Bomarr

another debmaster track.i can't get enough of this guy. he's a french producer who's been releasing "beats of the week" on the briefcase rockers blog for quite some time now. very much looking forward to a new full length from him. here's his take on the coup's "5 million way to kill a ceo". check out his new crev sessions, vol. 1 mixtape here.

Edmond LePrince - "Tout" by Matt Bomarr

Edmond Leprince runs a really great electronic music label in France called Ego Twister. He's put out a couple of great compilations called Party Ruiners (with very impressive packaging, I might add). And even though he looks like he'll punch you in the teeth in the above picture, he's a really nice guy. He did a really great remix of our Restiform Bodies track "Panic Shopper", which should be seeing the light of day soon. Keep an eye on this label. They haven't put out a lot of stuff, but everything that's out there is great. I'm highly anticipating more releases from Ego Twister in 2010.

Debmaster - "BasStar" by Matt Bomarr

One of my favorite producers right now. Hailing from Picardie in the North of France. Humerous and hard-hitting beats. Great in headphones. He's affiliated with Briefcase Rockers, Ego Twister and Hip Notik Records. You'll be seeing lots more artists from those labels here soon. Also, be on the lookout for a collaboration between Debmaster and Passage of Restiform Bodies. Check out his free download "Crev Sessions V.1" here